Long Exposures at Scout Lake

Yesterday we went for a hike from Sand Dollar Beach, up around scout lake, and back home via Graveyard. As we walked along the shore of Scout Lake I felt inspired by the stillness and reflections in the water. I really wanted to try some long exposures, but I didn't have my tripod and also didn't want to slow down the hike.

I went back this morning by myself to see if I could get good any images. I brought my tripod and neutral density filters this time and was able to get two pictures that I feel pretty OK about! I underexposed them a bit in post processing (although the first one actually was underexposed on location, oops, and shot below the camera's base ISO, oops again) and tried to make them extra spooky using gradient masks.

Logs in scout lake jetting out towards the opposite shore ISO 100, 30 Seconds, F11, 18mm

Logs in scout lake forming a pyramid shape ISO 160, 60 Seconds, F11, 35mm

'Robotbill' by Jakob Vala

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